What Makes SFS Different?

Smedley Financial Services has been an industry leader in providing investment advisors with invaluable solutions to meet the most difficult challenges their clients face. In providing these investment solutions Smedley Financial Services has created the SFS Portfolios. Two portfolios that have been widely recognized by investment advisors are the SFS Proactive Income Strategies and the SFS Phase Portfolios.

SFS Proactive Income Strategies

With interest rates at the lowest levels we have seen in years many clients are seeking something beyond a savings or money market opportunity. Smedley Financial created the SFS Proactive Income Strategies portfolio for clients who want high income and capital preservation on the down side. The SFS Proactive Income Strategies portfolio is an actively-managed income solution. The portfolio is designed to remain well diversified while giving the managers the ability to seek income opportunities. Smedley Financial Services utilizes unique strategies for government, corporate and international bonds. Unlike many income portfolios, equities are specifically excluded from this portfolio.

SFS Phase portfolios

Retirees and pre-retirees need a solution that will help increase the probability of providing an income that will last throughout their lives. The solution must address the following goals:

  • Deliver a stream of income over a period of years that will keep pace with inflation.
  • Implement a strategy that offers the potential to reach long-term investment goals.
  • Help preserve principal to either offset increased life expectancy or provide a legacy.
  • Reduce risk based on an investment time-frame.
  • Manage the emotional side of investing and the impact it has on reaching financial goals.

The solution is lifetime income investment planning. Segmenting assets into separate phases or time horizons is the backdrop of lifetime income investment planning. Each income phase is invested based on a specific group of factors and criteria. The goal is to provide an income distribution level that will keep pace with inflation and will continue throughout the investor's lifetime.

Advisors who are working with an aging demographic have found lifetime income distribution investing to be an integral part of their financial planning process. However, implementing an income distribution strategy can be complicated. It is difficult to separate assets into specific segments to be used during a certain period of time. It requires an intricate strategy to attempt to achieve a target return and risk tolerance goal. The SFS Phase portfolios are designed to help remove the uncertainty for lifetime income investment plans. Simplifying income distribution investing is the goal of the SFS Phase Portfolios.

There is an SFS Phase portfolio to meet nearly every phase of an income distribution plan. Whether the investor is conservative, moderate, or aggressive, one of the phase portfolios can be used to help augment an advisors distribution plan.

Creating the SFS Portfolios is just one of the ways that Smedley Financial Services is making a difference in today's financial industry.

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